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Accounting and Taxation

The “NOEBIS GROUP” Vocational Training Center prepares the learner for accounting and tax professions. Also, accounting and tax professionals have without
constantly need to update their knowledge, because tax standards and regulations change regularly.

This training program aims to obtain the mastery of accounting mechanisms and the preparation of annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement), the keeping of accounts up to the balance sheet but also to do practical exercises in taxation, to understand the financial management of the company. At the end of the training, the learner will be able to carry out the end-of-year accounting work of a company; to determine the tax result of the company; to determine the indicators of
management ; etc

Professeur de l'école

The training will last  5 to 12 months, with a final exam supervised by the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment. It will also include an internship period that our NOEBIS GROUP center will offer learners at various partner companies.

At the end of this internship, each learner will have to submit an internship report of around 100 to 200 pages, and pass their final exam, in order to receive their end-of-training diploma (Certificate of Professional Qualification). Issued exclusively by the Ministry.

At the end of his training, the learner will have completed an internship with one of our partner companies and faithful to the strengthening of the skills of our learners, and will be issued a Professional Qualification Certificate for the profession._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Document only issued by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training in Cameroon, recognized in Cameroon and internationally. 

The training course is made up of severalvery in-depth programswith exams 


  • Business accounting

  • The basics of general accounting

  • General Accounting

  • Cost accounting

  • Realization of the accounting closure and implementation of an audit process

  • Accounting balance sheet

  • Tax return

  • Preparation, establishment and closing of annual accounts



  • Mastery of supplier accounting

  • Control of supplier invoices

  • Mastery of VAT in accounts payable

  • Mastery of customer accounting

  • Mastery of personal expense accounting



  • Business Taxation

  • Introduction to business taxation

  • Establishment of the VAT declaration

  • Preparation of current tax declarations

  • Corporate tax practice

  • Tax Interpretation Practice



  • Accounting Assistant​

  • Accountant

  • Payroll accountant

  • Chief Accountant

  • Management control

  • Administrative and Financial Director (DAF)

  • Tax Director

  • tax lawyer

  • tax advisor


TRAINING COST: 200,000 CFA francs (payable in 1, 2 or 3 installments)



Entry level:BAC, GCE ADVANCEL, LICENCE, MASTER all series combined

END DIPLOMA:CQP (professional qualification certificate) issued by MINEFOP, valid in Cameroon and abroad

NEXT START:OCTOBER 1, 2023 & MARCH 4, 2024

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