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"Success waits for nobody"

Created in 2019, the vocational training center has so far been one of the best requested in the city of Douala by young Cameroonians wishing to strengthen their skills in various fields. It has so far welcomed  more than a thousand young people, professionals and job seekers, who after their apprenticeship have had the chance to have new professional opportunities both in Cameroon and abroad. the international.



Noebis Group was born from the vision of its promoter, Mr. Boyomo Anoume Charly, a 35-year-old Cameroonian from the Center and West regions of Cameroon, doctoral student/researcher and residing in Europe. Very early on, he understood that the only way to balance the employment and training equation in Cameroon was to offer selective skills to professionals already in activity, to young graduates or to (future) job seekers in order to securing economic growth as an argument for skilled labour. 

Today Noebis Group aims to be an essential link between market demand and job offers. Our objective is to strengthen the skills of  10,000 learners in 2023 and 100,000 learners by 2025. We are supported in this momentum by the Cameroonian Ministry in charge of employment and training, who oversees and mentors our work so that impact flourishes in the employment and training sector in Cameroon.

The vocational training center

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